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Ladakh Holiday Packages - To Experience Heaven on Earth
16.01.2014 12:04


The state of Jammu and Kashmir has a world to offer for its scenic beauty, which is unparallel to anything in this world. If you are looking to visit the state for your vacations, book Ladakh Holiday Packages to look for the pristine and natural beauty, which would mesmerize you for a lifetime. These trips will give you memories of a time well spent in the lap of nature for your family and you.
You can avail ‘Amazing Ladakh from Delhi’, which will give you an opportunity to travel to Leh, the capital of Ladakh for 6 nights and the famous Nubra Valley for 1 night. This package of 8 days and 7 nights will cost you rupees 30,999, the starting price per adult on a twin-sharing basis and will include return airfares with airport transfers, 3-star hotel accommodation and the services of a tour guide in the sightseeing. It will include meals as well. In Ladakh, you will find the marked influences of the Buddhist culture in the various monasteries you will travel. The alchi monastery in Ladakh is most famous for its oldest monasteries, which have the remnants of a culture best preserved here by the staunch followers of the sect.


For people living in the metropolis, such Ladakh Holiday Packages are ideal because they transport you from the busy and stressful lives in the urban cities to the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere of these snow-capped mountains, where you can revisit your soul and go back reenergized and fresh.



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