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Shimla Packages - A Trip to the Amazing Mountains
15.01.2014 10:42
Shimla Packages

A wide range of Shimla packages are available on various websites and you can easily select one depending on your budget and requirements. The various packages include trips for a period of 5 days and 4 nights, 12 days and 11 nights, and so on. It is also a probable destination for the newly weds, with more than thirty percent of the tourists every year comprising of married couples. Shimla lies in the middle of the snow-peaked Shaivalik Mountains. It offers the most spectacular view of the Great Himalayan Range.


Most of the travel services you opt for need you to reach Delhi first. From there they take you to Shimla, which is an eight-hour journey, covering approximately 343 kilometers. The first day starts off with the sightseeing to Kufri, which is a 1 hour drive covering 1 kilometer. One can take a stroll down to some educational institutes such as the IIAS (Indian Institute of Advanced Studies). There are many temples such as the Sankat Mochan temple, which can be visited for enjoying a peaceful environment. There is a myth surrounding this temple as well. The meaning of the name of this temple in English means ‘remover of obstacles’. The locals say that the name of the temple was given so because in the ancient times, many people would come and pray here and get rid of all sorts of troubles by some miracle. The different kinds of Shimla packages are worth subscribing as the experience that you can get here is quite awesome.


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